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Our Facility

Traditional Karate Dōjō 



Our training hall is located within the gymnasium of Scholars' Hall Private School. Every day we convert the gymnasium into a traditional karate dōjō. Every element of the dōjō has been considered carefully. Scroll down to learn more.


Our dōjō uses a Dollarmur rollout mat system with a Japanese Tatami mat surface. The Dollamur mats offer Olympic level quality and impact absorption for our students. They also allow us to quickly set up the dōjō. The tatami surface has just the right amount of grip to confidently practice karate techniques.


Waiting Lounge

The waiting area in our dōjō features very comfortable seating. We encourage parents to watch their children's practice. The seating located directly adjacent to the dōjō mats, so parents can feel immersed in the karate experience as well. 


Our dojo features change rooms so you can change on premises



Our dōjō makes use of traditional and modern equipment to enhance the training experience. We have a full set of striking pads and kicking shields. We're currently expanding our collection of traditional Okinawan Hojo Undo equipment.


Our dōjō currently has over 40 titles to borrow on topics ranging from defensive tactics to spirituality in the martial arts.


Nafuda kake

Our dōjō features a traditional Japanese nafuda kake (nameplate rack). Each member of the dōjō receives a nameplate. Their names are written in English and Japanese. We've combined this traditional attendance system with modern QR codes to track attendance. Each nameplate also features a grid the displays each student's progress towards their next rank.

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