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Becoming a Member of the Dojo


Making a choice to start practicing karate, whether it's for yourself, or your child, is the beginning of an exciting journey. Taking the first step of that journey is said to be the most difficult of all, and choosing the right Karate dōjō is a very important part of that first step. There are many places to learn karate. Each has a different focus; some focus on specifically on competition. but at Shugyō Karate Dōjō we focus on self-defence through the correct practice of traditional karate-do as it was developed by the masters of Okinawa.


Our dojo offers:

  • Small class sizes

  • Professional instruction from a qualified teacher

  • A well developed curriculum

  • Transparency in one's progress

  • Structured, supportive environment

  • Individual support in physical, mental, and spiritual journey (Sensei commits to each student's personal development)

  • Access to the unique culture and self-defence techniques of karate, a century's old art form in its unaltered state


With that said, we do not accept anyone who applies. We're a small, traditional dojo. Our standards for quality of instruction is very high due to our small class sizes, and we have a high student retention rate. If you're seriously interested in joining our dojo community, then click below to start the introductory process:

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